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Related article: "Yes, sir," I said, not knowing what else to add.
"It took me longer than I expected on the phone with your Uncle Martin," Dad went on after another pause. "And by the way, both he and Tim asked me to give you their love."
My mind took another leap. Did bringing Tim into this add another level of Preteen Nymphets Pictures
concern on Dad's part? I had no way of knowing.
"I'm going to tell you what your uncle and I have been discussing." He was silent again and a boding sense of dread swept over me.
"First, I need to ask you some questions, very, very important questions."
"Sure, Dad," Monty and I said.
"Some of these questions won't be easy, but I have to know the truth before we can move on to other issues." Monty and I nodded and Dad went on. "First, have either of you been having sex with anyone else?"
"Do you mean, Dad," I asked, "are Monty and I being faithful to each other?"
"Yes, David," Dad said, "that is exactly what I mean."
I saw that we had to be completely honest with our father if we were to have any chance of restoring his trust.
"I had sex with two people before Monty and I became lovers, Dad, one girl and another Preteen Nymphets Pictures boy." I hoped Dad wouldn't ask me to tell him whom I'd been with. He never did ask, not then, not later.
"Young people, in both cases, David?"
"Yes, sir."
"If there is any chance that you were exposed to any sexually transmitted disease, David, we need to know. We need to have you both examined."
"I was careful, Dad."
"Are you telling me you used condoms?"
"Yes, sir. When I was with the girl. I didn't use condoms with the other boy but I'm sure it was alright."
"How can you be sure, David?"
"Well, sir, he hadn't been with anyone who could have exposed him to anything."
Dad looked at me for a moment more and then turned to Monty and said, "What about you, son? Have you only done these things with your brother?"
It seemed so clinical, so unreal.
"Just Dave, Dad," Monty said, then added, "I never wanted it with anyone but Dave." As he spoke his hand moved over to take mine.
Dad was silent again, watching us, thinking. At last he said, "tell me what you two have been doing together." He paused and clearly saw our distress at the thought of having to tell our father what sorts of sex we'd been engaging in. This whole thing was so embarrassing I wanted to just slip through a hole in the floor. "I guess what I mean," Dad went on, "is if you two have been Preteen Nymphets Pictures using any protection."
"No, sir," I said, looking down at the floor between my bare feet, "we haven't."
"I wish this wasn't so complicated, but I don't think we can take any unnecessary chances. I'm afraid I will have to insist you both get tested."
"Yes, sir," we both said, not wanting to argue.
"I am going to tell you what your uncle suggested. I'm not entirely sure I agree with him, but your mother and I admit that Martin has an understanding of these things which we lack."
"Sir?" I said after a moment.
"Yes, David?"
"Could I just say one thing?"
"Yes, son, go ahead."
"Well, I don't know if you can understand this or not, but Monty and I really want you to know that this hasn't just been some sort of Preteen Nymphets Pictures game between us." I stopped, realizing that I didn't have the vocabulary to express what I so wanted our father to understand.
"It isn't just lust. I think that's what Dave is trying to tell you, Dad. You need to understand that we really love each other."
My brother never ceases to amaze me!
"You love one another?" Dad said. His voice was serious and there was no hint of scorn.
"Yes, sir," Monty said. "I guess we love one another the way you and Mom love one another."
Dad raised an eyebrow and than said, "That is interesting, boys, especially in light of what your uncle said. He suggested that I ask you this, would you be willing to separate for the summer?"
"DAD," Monty wailed.
"Wait, Monty," I said, silencing him. "Tell us, Dad, what would be the point? You can't keep us apart for ever."
"The point would be for you to see if your feelings for each other are so strong that you really couldn't bear to be apart. If this is only some passing infatuation, you would know that by the fall."
"DAD," Monty Preteen Nymphets Pictures began again and again, I asked him to wait.
"If you asked me that question, Dad, would I be willing to separate from Monty for the summer, and if it really was my own free choice, I would have to say no. But if you are asking us to separate as some sort of test and if you tell us you would accept our decision at the end of the summer, I would say yes." My voice caught and then added, "It would be the hardest thing I've ever done, but I would do it to prove to you and Mom how I feel about Monty."
Dad looked at me in silence for a moment and then turned to Monty. "What about you, son?"
It was only when I turned to look at my brother that I saw that tears were streaming down his face. With a deep sob that almost ripped my innermost being, he said, "It would break my heart."
After a very long moment, our father said, his voice now very quiet, "Then I couldn't ask that of either of you."

In the days that followed, our lives settled back into some sort or routine. Our parents gave us space and allowed out time to find our own way.
Dad drove us to Memphis to a private clinic for blood tests, which were mercifully negative on all counts.
About a week after that terrible evening, Steve came up to our room one evening and sat on my bed as Monty lay curled up against me.
"I guess I knew," Steve said. "I mean I guess I'd figured it out."
"You mean before you saw us on the roof," I said, trying to get him to open up.
"Yeah. I mean you guys were always messing around in the shower and stuff."
"So you really weren't all that shocked. Seeing us together, I mean."
"Oh, I was shocked. I guess I figured you messed around together up here, but I wasn't really sure Preteen Nymphets Pictures you were queer."
"Queer? Is that what you call us, Steve?"
"Yeah, I guess so. That's what the guys in my class at school call guys who do it with other guys."
"So are you going to tell all your friends that your brothers are queer?"
"No, man, I'd never do that."
"Well, buddy, thank you, I guess."
"Yeah, Stever," Monty chimed in. "Thanks for not blowing the whistle on us, man."
"Hey, I wouldn't tell anybody just because I don't want them to know my Preteen Nymphets Pictures brothers are weird. They might think it was catching and figure me for one, too."
"Oh, so we're talking self protection here, right, Steve?"
"Yeah, I don't want to completely ruin the family reputation. I mean, I am a Cutler, too, you know."
We lay there in silence for a while and then I just had to ask, "so why did you run down and tell Mom and Dad, that evening you caught us at it?"
He was silent for a moment or two, then said, his head bent and his voice very quiet. "I guess I really was shaken up. I mean, you guys were fucking."
"What exactly did you say to the folks?"
"I didn't say anything to Mom. You got to believe me. I just ran smack into Dad when I came out of the door from your stairs. I was shaking like crazy and I guess he figured I'd been up to some mischief. He and Mom have been on me to stay out of your room since you got the lock put on last fall. He held me and just asked me what was going on. I just blurted it out, I guess."
"Yeah, Steve, what did you blurt?"
"Oh, gees, guys!"
"Come on, Steve, out with it!"
"Well, I just said Id seen you two on the roof having anal sex."
"Anal sex!" I couldn't keep from laughing. "That's a mouth full for a kid your age, Stevo."
"Well, it's what Mr. Kerr called it in our health class. Besides, I couldn't say to Dad that you guys were fucking."
"No, little brother, I guess you couldn't." My mind went back to Mr. Kerr. Preteen Nymphets Pictures
I'd spent part of that fateful afternoon with him, before I'd gotten home to a quiet and empty house and gone in a panic, looking for my lover, my brother.
Mr. Kerr had been so curious about Tim and our Uncle Martin. I wondered what he would make of Monty and me. He had been rather curious about the Cutler family and one thing was certain. When classes began again, we'd just have to keep him guessing.
But the summer lay ahead. Monty and I were now open about our feelings for one another, at least so far a our family was concerned. If nothing else, Steve had done us a big favor on that score.
Monty and I had one another and we were never letting go. It wasn't just the summer which lay ahead, I pondered as I lay with him that night, it was all our lives which we had pledged to share.
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